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                                                    INSTRUMENTS FOR SERVICE
DG OHM Compact – Serie AP
OPT80 – NG600 – NG500 – FCV300 EVO

AP201 Plus (instrument no longer produced)
OPT75 – FCV300 (accessories no longer produced)
EP3000 (instrument no longer produced)
EP4000 (instrument no longer produced)

T40 – C30 – S22 (instruments no longer produced)

The Company can authorize the repair of instruments no longer produced, not listed here, depending on the availability of spare parts.

                                               UNAOHM SERVICE

Telephone: +39.02.36577787 – Fax: +39.02.51650195 -

NAOHM guarantees the best service for the repair and upgrading of instruments with their own brand on the market.

Rules of service
The service includes the analysis of the defect indicated by customer, the diagnosis and the send of quotation for repair and for upgrading.

The repair will be executed after the approval of the quotation by customer, with the procedure indicated on the form of service.

Timing of repair
The timing for repair are calculated from reception in our service up to leaving from service:
- instruments in warranty                   7  working days
- instruments no more in warranty    12  working days
- instruments no longer produced      20  working days

For instrument in repair and no more in warranty, the shipping can be operated by Company, but under responsibility of customer. In this case the price will be charged on invoice.
For instrument in repair and in warranty, the shipping is operated by Company but under responsibility of customer. The price for customer is the insurance for shipping, if applied.

Instruments no longer produced
The instruments no longer produced from more than 10 years are repairable if the spare parts are available and with timing indicated on the quotation.

Warranty for instruments
The warranty for instruments is indicated at article 7 of our current General Condition of Sale.

Warranty on repair
For each repair is applied a timing warranty of 6 months from the date of leaving by the Company or communication of repair, except for instruments no longer produced from over 10 years where the warranty is reduced to 3 months.

If the repair is in warranty, the price for shipping is to charge of the Company, but under responsibility of the customer.

The warranty doesn’t work in the cases indicated on article 7 of the General Conditions of Sale.

Every price is VAT escluded.
Fixed price for analysis of defect and diagnosis: 70

Manpower:  85
Spare parts and shipping price: indicated on quotation.
The fix price will be charged also if the instrument will be not repaired.

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