EV Charger Commercial 22

EV Charger Commercial 22
Product Code: EV Charger Commercial 22
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Maximum power 22 kW programmable, Activation of the recharge by RFID Cards, Dynamic power management, Remote control system via LAN
EV Charger AC three phase Model Commercial
- Maximum power 22 kW programmable
- Activation of the recharge by RFID Cards
- Dynamic power management
- Remote control system via LAN

Mechanical specifications

- Dimensions (W x H x D): 225 x 295 x 130 mm
- Body material: polycarbonate
- Operating temperature: -25 ºC… +45 ºC
- Storage temperature: -40 ºC… +60 ºC
- Operating humidity: 5%… 95%, condensation not allowed
- Mechanical resistance: IP66 / Ik09
- Net weight: 5 kg
- Available accessories: pedestal and bracket for connecting cables and connectors

Electrical spefications
- Input voltage: three phase 400 V 50/60 Hz
- Maximum output current: 32 A programmable
- Maximum power: 22 kW programmable
- Charging type: Mode 3 AC according to IEC 61851
- Output voltage: three phase 400 V (3P + N + PE)
- Output: 5m cable with Type 2 plug or Type 2 socket interlocked with shutter
- Energy meter: MID certified meter
- Charge Controller specific for applications in Mode 3 AC charging stations according
  to IEC 61851-1

Available functions
- Type B residual current monitoring with 6 mA threshold for the release command to the
  contactor via integrated 230V relay (external type A residual current device required as per CEI 64-8; V5)
- Monitoring of the correct operation of the contact or through dedicated output relay
  (230 V / 4 A)
- Monitoring of the continuity of the EP
- Socket management via integrated device (emergency disconnect and retaining plug
  in the socket) with Control Pilot (CP) and Proximity Pilot (PP) contact management
  (IEC 61851-1)
- Power Line vehicular communication with conveyed waves (PLC Plug &Charge)
  compliant with ISO 15118
- Dynamic load management (DLM) compliant with ISO 15118 for optimized charging
  according to the available installed power
- Master / Slave logic for managing multiple turrets in the same installation
- Temperature detection via integrated sensor for charging optimization in relation to
  the ambient temperature
- Remote connectivity via LAN cable via integrated RJ45 port
- User identification via integrated RFID reader
- RFID Card to activate the recharge


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