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Digital Radios - 2td Series
The 2TD xx-xxx equipment series is designed for transmission of 30 or 60 PCM telephone channels (2 or 2+2 Mbit/s) in the 400, 900, 1350-1535, 2000-2300 and 2300-2440 MHz frequency bands.
Digital Radios - DRS/MW LINK  Series
The DRS provides a cost-effective solution to high capacity data transmission requirements. Operating from 6 to 38 GHz
Analogical Radios - 2TM Series
The 2TM xx-xxx analog radio equipment is designed for the transmission of 6-12-24-60-120 telephone channels in the 400-900-1500-2300 MHz bands. All radio terminals available in Simple (1+0), Hot Stand-by (1+1) or special custom made configuration.
Analogical Radios  - Multiplex MTU 12
The MTU12 equipment is a 12 channel multiplex using the frequency division multiplexing technique (FDM) for transmission over analogue radio link.
Troposcatter System
Yes! Troposcatter is still alive! Oil platforms, oil rigs, pipelines in desert areas and small islands located beyond horizon with respect to mainland have no chances talking of communication:
Single/Dual/Six chs Rural Radios
A full range of Rural radios suited for fixed radiotelephone links or temporary installations (when arranged in special carrying cases).
Radiomodem RDM-9
A great deal of applications needs reliable data connections only for limited time or in cases where any cabling would be very difficult or expensive to lay down.
E1 Converter -MDI  Product Overview
MDI series converters has been developed to allow proper line conversion between very common communication devices with standard interface EUROCOM-D1 and equipments operating with different line codes.
E1 Converter -AMI/HDB3 Product Overview
AMI/HDB3 is a 256 ÷ 2048 Kbit/s line interface converter.
4XE1 OPptical Fiber Modem - MO42
MO42 is a fiber optic modem for transmission of 4 x E1 (2.048 Mbps) over a single multimode fiber optic media.
HOT-LINE Console - HLC16
The operator console HLC16, in conjunction with the Hot Line assembly WHL1, forms the basic block to set-up reliable communication between distant points when two voice circuits, running preferentially on un-correlate paths, are made available.
PCM Multiplex - Amux MultiReach
The "intelligent" Amux MultiReach provides a cost-effective solution for the interconnection of a wide range of voice and data interfaces into communication networks which may include microwave radios, higher order multiplexers and optical trans
Universal Interface TPH - CCU-3 & CCU-30
CCU-3 universal signalling converter is a compact and modular desk-top equipment. An optional rack mounting kit is available for equipment installation into 19 inch standard rack.

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