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Predictive maintenance
The monitoring of technological systems is part of the Industry 4.0 and consists of a continuous monitoring of the characteristic parameters to promptly identify the onset of critical issues and activate the technical service before catastrophic events occur with forced inactivity of the production cycles

Advantages of predictive maintenance
The monitoring system is aimed at companies that have technological systems with relevant
maintenance costs that this solution would avoid, or to companies that have a relevant value of the products and the machine downtime would result an high economic loss.

The monitoring system provides
• real-time measurement and display of the characteristic parameters of the installations
• saving of the acquired data in an archive dedicated to maintenance engineers with                   recording up to 2 years
• sending an alarm by e-mail to the engineers who manage the system maintenance,                   to report a new critical event and to report the solution when happens

Technical sales proposal
• definition of target and choice of the data and alarm display mode
• inspection, feasibility analysis and design of the monitoring system
• customized commercial offer
• hardware assembly and software configuration of the system
• installation and testing
• training on the use of the monitoring system
• technical service

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