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GBS 1000 Series
The GBS-1000 series, an economical selection of the four-channel DSO, offers three frequency ranges including 200,100, and 70MHz, real time sampling rate of 1 GSa/s, equivalent time sampling rate of 25GSa/s and 25k points memory depth.
GDS 1000A-U Series
The GDS-1000A-U series provide a unique solution. The GDS-1000A-U lineup includes GDS-1152A-U, GDS-1102A-U and GDS-1072A-U three models. Operating at 150, 100 or 70 MHz with a real-time sampling rate of 1GSa/s, the GDS-1000A-U employs MemoryPrime technolo
GDS 1000U Series
- 100/70/50 MHz Bandwidth with 2 Input Channels - 250MSa/s Real-Time and 25GSa/s Equivalent-Time Sampling - 4k Memory Length per Channel - Peak Detect as Fast as 10ns - Save/Recall of 15 Front Panel Settings & Waveforms - 5.7"
GDS 2000A Series
- 300MHz/200MHz/100MHz/70MHz Bandwidth ,2 or 4 Input Channel - 2GSa/s Real-time Sampling Rate and 100GSa/s Equivalent Time Sampling Rate - 2Mega Points Record Length 1mV /div to 10V/div of Vertical Range - 1ns/div to 100s/div of Time Base Ra
GDS 2000E Series
- 200/100/70MHz Bandwidth Selection; 2 or 4 Channels - 1GSa/s Real-Time Sampling Rate for Each Channel (2ch model) ; 1GSa/s Maximum Real-Time Sampling Rate (4ch model) - Standard 10M Maximum Memory Depth and VPO Waveform Display Technology - W
GDS 3000 Series
- 500/350/250/150MHz with 2/4 Channels - 5GSa/s RT or 100GSa/s ET Sampling Rate - Independent Memory for Each Channel - VPO Technology Large 8-inch 800x600 Display - Split Screen Function - 3 Built-in Impedances (50Ohm/75O/1MOhm)

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