Electric Mobility


Industrial plant monitoring system

Electric Mobility



Progetto Tecnico

Our engineers will propose design solutions that are best suited to each installation site.

Supply of charging stations

Supply of Charging Wall Box

We propose easy to use wall box for private end users and full optional wall box for compagies.

Supply Of Cards

Supply of cards for start and stop (for Business models)

For business models are available the cards for start and stop of recharge

Software for remote control of the columns

Wall Box Remote Control Software (For Business Models)

It is an important function for companies that allows you to manage all the activities of the column remotely via PC in real time.




Systems Study

We design complete telecommunication systems to connect devices located in remote areas with no connection, including climatic zones criticisms such as installations at sea and in the desert.

The radios and antennas used work with frequencies from 5GHz to 80GHz.

The radios work in full duplex mode and are configured with line redundancy.

The parabolas have diameters from 0.2m to 3.0m, different types of connectors and pole fixing mechanics according to the needs of each project.


Project & Planning

Pre and post sales services are available to guarantee customers complete support in all phases of their business.

Pre-sales assistance provides professional and capable engineering assistance


  • feasibility of projects
  • studying systems
  • design and plan a wide range of solutions for different problems
  • installation and commissioning of systems, in Italy and worldwide
  • after-sales assistance includes:

o   on-site maintenance

o   quick repairs

  • availability of spare parts even in the long term

study preventive actions against deterioration


Contact us without obligation to organize an inspection and to offer you our customized solution.




Hardware Assembly & Software Configuration

Predictive maintenance

The monitoring of technological systems is part of the control systems of industry 4.0 and consists of a continuous monitoring system of the characteristic parameters to promptly identify the onset of anomalies and intervene before catastrophic events occur with forced inactivity of the cycles productive

Advantages of predictive maintenance

The monitoring system is aimed at companies that have technological systems with important maintenance costs that this solution would avoid, or to companies that have production lines whose machine downtime would result in a high economic loss.

The monitoring system provides

Real-time measurement and display of the characteristic parameters of the plants saving of the acquired data in an archive dedicated to maintenance technicians with recording up to 2 years sending an alarm by e-mail to the technicians who manage the maintenance of the system, both to report the anomaly and to report the restoration

Technical and commercial proposal

  • Definition of objectives and choice of data and alarm display mode
  • inspection, feasibility analysis and design of the monitoring system
  • personalized commercial offer
  • hardware assembly and software configuration of the system
  • installation and testing
  • training on the use of the monitoring system
  • technical assistance

Contact us without obligation for a preliminary analysis and goal setting