Unaohm: Innovation, Tradition & Expertise

Innovation, tradition and professionalism are the guidelines of our work, every day we make it concrete in the products and services that we provide to craftsmen and professionals who work on TV systems, photovoltaics, electric mobility, monitoring systems, telecommunications systems. Our role as designers and builders for measuring instruments and system integrator for customized systems make us the technical partner with whom to work on all these types of systems. We take our work to every place where our customers work, in all countries and in the most adverse climatic and morphological situations of the territory, such as telecommunications plants in the desert or in the open sea. Our projects begin with an introductory meeting to understand the needs of each customer which allows us to prepare a feasibility analysis with a preliminary project with no implementation commitment to be evaluated together with our customers.

After approval of the preliminary project, we will present an offer with a clear indication of the times and costs for the construction or supply of the measuring instruments. Our professionalism allows us to follow all phases of project implementation and to provide after-sales support capable of supporting any type of need. For measuring tools, we provide same-day technical assistance by appointment, or for longer jobs, we provide a free replacement tool for the duration of our work. The training courses that we offer to our customers allow full use of our products and services independently. Technical support via email and telephone is always active even during the summer and Christmas closures to allow each installer to work serenely. For any need, please contact us.